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VoiCE 2016 is an exclusive, invitation only event where we focus on the voice of our clients. VoiCE gives clients the opportunity to interact with Offering/Product Managers, technical development leads and other clients from across the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) – Continuous Engineering (CE) community. We have designed an exclusive program for our clients, utilizing their vast end-user product/solution knowledge, and desire to influence our products, solutions, services, strategy, and business decisions. Our 2016 program will provide clients with the following benefits:

  • Insight into IBM software development plans
  • Input into steering product direction
  • Access to key decision makers within IBM
  • Collaboration with industry peers to learn and share best practices
  • Participation in hands-on solution designs

We are hosting the following 6 half-day sessions for ICE IoT attendees:

  1. IBM Rational Team Concert – Rolf Nelson : Product Manager, Rational Team Concert
  2. Global Configuration Management across the Continuous Engineering products – Daniel Moul : Senior Product Manager
  3. IoT Continuous Engineering Solutions Requirements Management Tools – Richard Watson : Senior Product Manager, Requirement Management Tools
  4. Improve Your User Experience across the Continuous Engineering products – Moshe Cohen: Senior Offering/Product Manager, CLM
  5. IBM Reporting, Analytics, and Document Generation – Alan Yeung : Program Director, Jazz Reporting Service, CLM Analytics, RPE, and RELM
  6. Rhapsody and Rhapsody Design Manager – Johan Adelgaard : Offering/Product Manager, Watson Internet of Things, Engineering Solutions

We encourage you to nominate your colleagues or send them the link,


to self nominate. You must register for the Continuous Engineering for the Internet of Things Summit 2016 to attend VoiCE. Attendance for this exclusive program is limited, so register early! (VoiCE participants will need to sign an NDA to participate in these session)

For any questions/comments, please contact the IBM IoT-CE VoiCE Team.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Morning sessions

IBM Rational Team Concert

Target Audience: Developers, Development Leads, Product Owners

Come hear directly from our product and development team about our vision for Rational Team Concert. We will share the roadmap and our strategies around IoT, DevOps, SaaS, agile/SAFe, scalability, usability and reuse. Our goals for this session are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for our key customers to influence the RTC product direction.
  • Explore key problems and trends our customers have with software development.
  • Gather input on our user interface design for developer usability.

Requirements Management Tools

Target Audience: Engineers, architects and developers of complex cyber- mechanical products & systems, systems of systems, and makers of devices for the Internet of Things. Anyone who defines and implements engineering policy, process, and tool standards for their business.

Complex products and systems involve a number of engineering disciplines, each having its own view of requirements. Systems engineers are responsible for reconciling those various views into a comprehensive and coordinated definition of requirements that are consistently managed across change and evolution of the product. This session will explore the current requirements management roadmaps and explain our strategic direction in detail. Attendees will have opportunity to engage with lead developers discussing and prioritizing key use cases that will influence development efforts through 2017.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Afternoon sessions

Rhapsody and Rhapsody Design Manager

Target Audience: Users of Rhapsody and Rhapsody Design Manager

As an organization you need to validate early and often. Ensure that mistakes/errors are found at a time when they can be fixed and when the cost of doing so is affordable. This combined with the possibility to allow yourselves to manage the complexity in systems and product development by making things visual and automatic rather then textual and manual. In this, modeling plays a vital role.

This session will ask attendees:

  • To describe the role modeling plays in their design and verification activities
  • The challenges impeding their ability to continuously verify their designs and implementations
  • What it will take to improve

n addition attendees will be given insight to the current plan and future direction of Rhapsody and Rhapsody Design Manager. Attendees will be asked for their feedback on the plan and also to prioritize what is most relevant in the context of driving business success.

Improve your User Experience across the Continuous Engineering products

Target Audience: Users of Continuous Engineering products

Your experience as a user of our solutions is important to us. In this session, we will share with you our strategy for User Experience improvements, both for SaaS and OnPrem version of our products, and would appreciate your feedback. Please join us to see first hand some early prototypes, and cast your vote. Your inputs are important to us!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Afternoon sessions

IBM Reporting, Analytics, and Document Generation

Target Audience: All DevOps and Continuous Engineering practitioners focused on metrics, reporting analytics and document generation.

This session will focus on the latest improvements for the Jazz Reporting Service and Publishing Engine and how self service reporting can better support project teams in your community. We will work with you to investigate how we can better improve reporting in your environment through out of the box reports, self service reporting, better performance, scale, configuration aware reporting, and easier access to document generation. We will also explore cognitive analytics approaches and how they could be applied to DevOps to improve business outcomes. If reporting and document generation is of particular focus for you then we ask that you come prepared with end user feedback and working knowledge for how your organization uses reporting today.

Global Configuration Management across the Continuous Engineering Products

Target Audience: Clients building complex and embedded systems

Complexity is one of the biggest challenges facing software and systems engineering teams today. Configuration management capabilities in the IBM solution for Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) help teams manage this complexity. You can define and reuse sets of linked requirements, tests, designs, and source files. Use global configurations to assemble these into meaningful and reusable components, which can then be used to more easily create and manage product variance. Come see recent improvements to allow finer-grained components, and provide feedback on where the solution is heading.