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The conference agenda will include over 100 knowledge-packed technical sessions and hands-on labs delivered by top-notch speakers – clients, partners, services and product leads.

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Tuesday keynotes

The world of IoT is changing in front of our eyes, and IBM leads the way! New cognitive, AI and IoT technologies open enormous opportunities to understand people and machines in ways that were unthinkable just few years ago, enabling us to provide amazing user experience in modern IoT systems. Join this expert panel discussion with featured speakers from IBM’s strategic partner Harman Kardon and IBM’s lead clients from Local Motors and Jefferson Hospital to discuss how Natural Language Interfaces integrated with machine instrumentation and intelligent can create new business opportunities to engage and delight users.

Kevin Hague, VP for Developer Community and Programs at Harman, Neil Gomes, VP for Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience at Thomas Jefferson University , and Corey Clothier, VP for Product Management at Local Motors will be our keynote panelists …

As the IoT becomes more prevalent in our lives and work, it is forever changing the way we interact with the physical world. As a result, businesses can operate more smoothly and profitably—and even reinvent themselves. The things around us can make our lives and work simpler, safer, and more convenient. And the IoT can help us tackle big problems like environmental sustainability and chronic disease management.

Making all of this possible are the engineers and developers who are designing, coding, and creating a world of connected things, from nanotechnology to jetliners and everything in between. These modest experts are delivering the IoT that’s literally changing how the world works. Executing on IoT insights and delivering on the promised efficiency gains are the engineering and operations professionals who keep the business running.

Join us in this exciting keynote to learn about IBM’s vision for IoT and the possibilities that it provides. We’ll conclude the keynote with a panel discussion featuring three thought leaders who will share their perspectives.

Amit Fisher Program Director, Cognitive IoT Offering Management, IBM Watson IoT

Wednesday keynotes

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) was formed in March, 2014 to accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial settings, on the assumption that major industrial markets would soon be completely disrupted by IoT. That’s already happening: in mining, logistics, agriculture, aquaculture, smart cities, emergency response, power generation and distribution and other markets, IIC testbed and other projects are making headway, members of the IIC disrupting industries first instead of waiting to see how their markets are disrupted. Meanwhile, key standardization organizations like the Object Management Group (OMG) are applying leading semantic standards to the problem, using as requirements the early results of IIC and other testbeds. Dr. Soley, Chairman/CEO of the OMG and Executive Director of the IIC, will talk about the process, the early results, and how systems engineering and semantic standardization will solve some of the problems popping up in those efforts.

Dr.Richard Soley, CEO of the OMG and Executive Director of the IIC

Connected products are becoming active participants in IoT ecosystems, creating both opportunity and complexity.  As “things” interact and transact with each other in IoT ecosystems, there is less predictability and control. By virtue of their connection and ecosystem involvement, products involve more contributors and stakeholders than ever before. Engineering and development work is shifting to dispersed teams with different cadences, cultures, and agendas. Much of the design and engineering of an IoT system includes IT application development that may have previously not been considered as part of the development effort.  This is forcing both IT and engineering to be more agile, and to rely upon continuous engineering capabilities such as systems engineering to help manage complexity.

In this keynote, learn about how IBM is investing in new and improved continuous engineering capabilities to help clients not only work more rapidly and effectively, but to generate business results from an investment in engineering for the IoT.  We’ll also take an inside look at how two clients, Nationwide and Thomas Jefferson University, are improving their ability to respond more quickly to IoT opportunities.

Dibbe Edwards, VP Continuous Engineering, Watson IoT, Chuck Ward – Nationwide, Neil Gomes – Jefferson University

ICE IoT program tracks

Cognitive Analytics

Cognitive computing, analytics and reporting
Track Chair: Greg Knowles

Track includes

Best Practices for Continuous Engineering

Success stories, challenges and solutions which helped transform your business.
Track Chair: Moshe Cohen

Track includes

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Best practices, new implementations and advances in MBSE and MBE for software development.
Track Chair: Adrian Whitfield

Track includes

Requirements Management (RM)

Best practices and advances in RM for IoT development.
Track Chair: Morgan Brown

Track includes

Community track

This track contains partner presentations, industry talks, roundtables and services.

Track includes

Quality Management (QM)

Applying the latest QM best practices to deliver high quality results in IoT development.
Track Chair: Christoph Telep

Track includes

Change and Configuration Management

Improving collaboration and configuration management across the development lifecycle for better IoT outcomes.
Track Chair: Rolf Nelson

Track includes

Advanced Technologies

New advances in the IoT and systems engineering fields.
Track Chair:Henry Broodney

Track includes


Best practices and implementations for continuous delivery innovation

Track chair:  Fariz Saracevic

Track includes

Internet of Things

Best practices for SW development in the connected world and designing to connect and thrive on the IoT using the IBM IoT Platform.
Track Chair: Barclay Brown

Track includes