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Tracks & Schedule

“We love this event. Unlike at Think conference, which is not specific enough for us!” – Bosch

The conference agenda will include  knowledge-packed technical sessions and hands-on labs delivered by top-notch speakers, clients, partners, services and product leads.

AE Summit at a glance

Monday, October 15

  • Main Keynote
  • Session tracks
  • Instructor Led labs
  • Executive 1:1
  • Solution Center

Tuesday, October 16

  • Keynote
  • Session tracks
  • Women in Technology Luncheon
  • Instructor Led labs
  • Executive 1:1
  • Solution Center
  • Evening Reception

Wednesday, October 17 

  • Keynote
  • Session tracks
  • Open test labs
  • Industry round tables
  • CLM round tables
  • Solution Center

Program Tracks

Digital Twin

Innovative solutions and current practices involving the use of Digital Modeling & Digital Thread for new value creation


Best practices and advances in Reporting solutions for Systems and Software development

Quality Management

Best practices and advances in verification and validation of connected products and quality assurance of the Internet of Things

Model Based Engineering

Best practices, new implementations and advances in MBSE and MBE and developing model based digital twins/threads, for Systems and Software development

Requirements Management 

Best practices and advances in Requirements Management for Systems and Software development

Artificial Intelligence and Engineering

Applying AI and predictive analytics to system engineering processes

Agile Development and Engineering Best Practices

Best practices, case studies, challenges and solutions related to applying lean and agile principles in the planning, development and delivery of connected products and applications

Deployment Best Practices On-Premises and Cloud

Patterns, guidance, best practices, and customer case studies from successful deployments of IoT Continuous Engineering Solutions: on-premises, on cloud, using SaaS or a hybrid combination

Change and Configuration Management

Improving collaboration and configuration management across the development lifecycle

Spotlight Sessions

Lean Systems Engineering for the New Economy

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 9 AM

Abstract: Many large engineering programs and product development efforts are successfully adopting Scrum and other agile/lean practices at the team level, but struggle to find solutions that scale beyond small, single-discipline teams. In this talk, Amy describes how the ‘new economy’ requires organizations to drive enterprise-wide changes involving people, process and tooling — and why lean and agile principles should be at the core of those changes. A brief introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework® will explore how this methodology can be used in a practical way to improve quality, time-to-value, and address the challenges systems engineering organizations face today 

Speakers : Amy Silberbauer, IBM, Executive IT Specialist, Solution Architect, Enterprise Scaled Agile (SAFe) & DevOps; 

Get your weekend back:  SaaS for Agile and System Engineering

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 9 AM

Abstract: There are a generation of software and system engineers that still maintain the tradition of ‘upgrade’ weekends.   For many teams, the dilemma still exists to maintain the status quo or make a shift to modern delivery strategies.   The realities of cost of ownership, risk, compliance and control are making it obvious these shifts are necessary.
There are a variety of strategies to deliver software and systems engineering using on-premise, third-party hosting, or Software-as-a-Service.   During this session we discuss the transition from ‘traditional’ software development, operations and delivery to cloud-based solutions with impacts on eco-systems, upgrade strategies, and adoption.   Evaluating the decision to move to SaaS on the ‘pillars’ of economics, agility, and quality, the IBM speakers will share research, stories, and case studies from 40+ years of cloud sales, marketing and software.   Learn the current thinking, success, and myths that surround Software-as-a-Service for Agile and Systems Engineering teams.  Hear how you can get your weekend back!

Speakers : Erin O’Connor, IBM, Watson IoT on Cloud Offering Manager; Thomas Hollowell, IBM,  Watson IoT SaaS Leader ; Matthew Mikell, IBM,  Watson IoT SaaS Product Marketing Leader  


What if you can have your own expert systems engineering assistant?

Date and Time:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 9 AM

Topic : What if you can have your very own expert systems engineering assistant?

Abstract: Despite the extensive use of formal requirement management and visual modeling techniques within systems engineering, much of a system engineers work still requires consuming unstructured information.  This activity demands a high cognitive load and domain expertise. At the same time, organizations are looking for ways to deal with the loss of experienced engineering expertise.  The use of artificial intelligence technologies provides an approach to address these challenges.

Artificial intelligence technologies are now available to the practitioner without the need of specialized programming skills. This has opened the door to make more efficient use of unstructured data in systems engineering activities.  This session will explore some AI technologies and several possible use cases that can be applied to assist the systems engineering practice. CE’s first upcoming offering that applies AI to requirements management will be showcased.

Speakers:Stella Liu, IBM, Offering Manager ; M. Kevin McHugh, IBM, Senior Managing Consultant

Making sense of the data – Modelling connected systems in IBM Watson IoT platform. 

Date and Time:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 9 AM

Abstract: The complexities of modern IoT ecosystems can be daunting.  The raw data arriving from a vast array of heterogeneous sensors, instrumenting an equally bewildering spectrum of contemporary and legacy equipment, can often present huge challenges when it comes to deriving data driven insights.  In this session we will explore some of the ways Watson IoT Platform is equipping engineers and developers with the tools needed for improved data curation and ultimately allowing IoT applications to understand sensor data in the context of the higher order assets of the system. 

Speakers:  Andrew Foster, Senior Offering Manager, IBM Watson IoT Platform