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Friday, November 30, 2018

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8:00am – 2:00pm


Friday, November 30, 2018


$125 per person/per course


Continental Breakfast and Box Lunch provided

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What every IBM TRIRIGA Power User, Project/Program Manager, and IT Support Engineer needs to know to understand TRIRIGA like an expert, including: the addition of Case Studies, the answer to why your organization bought TRIRIGA, and the benefits of adding UX and Perceptive Apps to your organization!


This session will cover funding requests (with/without opportunities and estimates), request types and project templates (budgetary and schedules), capital project fundamentals, and funding sources, programs and allocations.


This session provides an introduction to Facility Condition Assessment (FCA), and an end-to-end roadmap for the steps in the basic Facility Assessment process and procedures for operating the IBM TRIRIGA Facility Assessment application. TRIRIGA demonstration environment access will be provided with sample data to offer hands-on lab learning opportunities. Featuring real business use cases for diverse clients in government, higher education and K-12 school districts, attendees are offered a unique perspective to implementing, overseeing and managing multicampus/facility-wide FCA with integration to the industry leader RS Means cost data.


During the planning process for implementing TRIRIGA real estate management module, many factors must be determined to ensure the clients business process and requirements are met. One of the many questions answered will be, will the lease abstraction functionality in TRIRIGA will be used, or by-passed and working only with the real estate contract record. Lease Abstract is the foundation of the real estate process. Regardless if the abstractor is internal or external to your organization, capturing the information of the contract details and attaching the contract file, is the first step to success. This session is designed to give an understanding of the benefits of utilizing the lease abstracting process and step through the process from abstraction to contract management.


The power of TRIRIGA rests in its use as a single source of truth for Real Estate Portfolio reporting needs. This session will deliver reporting training that is geared toward making the data accessible to enable data-driven decisions. The training will assist you in gaining an understanding of advanced reporting topics in the TRIRIGA Reports Manager, the use of queries in Workflows, and the basics of BIRT reporting.


Do you get the feeling that customizations to your TRIRIGA application are holding you back? Are they all really necessary? This session will cover things you need to know to understand, avoid, or remove customizations.