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Introducing the New Harmony aMBSE Deskbook

Tuesday, Nov 14th – Full day

The Harmony SE Process has been around for almost two decades now, and the “bible” has been the Harmony SE Deskbook. This document describes the application of the Harmony SE process to a rather simple example problem specifically using the Rhapsody modeling tool and the special add-ins known as the Harmony SE profile and the SE Toolkit. Much has changed since the last update of the Deskbook six years ago. There’s a new version of the SysML, many new Rhapsody features, improved automation with the Harmony SE Profile, and – most importantly – very significant changes to the Harmony SE Process itself.

The updated process – known as Harmony Agile Model-Base Systems Engineering (Harmony aMBSE for short) – differs in many ways from its predecessor including the addition of safety, reliability, and security analysis, data and flow schema modeling, an incremental workflow, and a vastly improved hand off workflow. Many changes to the Harmony SE Profile and SE Toolkit enhance the automation of process workflows and the creation of work products. The new process is captured in the new Harmony aMBSE Deskbook, the subject of this workshop.

This workshop will go through the highlights of the Deskbook, including the more rigorous Air Control Surfaces example model to show how the process and automation work together to provide more rigorous, complete, and usable systems engineering data.


Dr. Bruce Douglass

Embedded Software Methodologist. Ironman triathlete. Systems engineer. Ultramarathon cyclist.  Contributor to UML and SysML specifications. Writer. Black Belt. Neuroscientist. Classical guitarist. Bruce Powel  Douglass, who has a doctorate in neurocybernetics from the USD Medical School, has over 35 years of experience developing safety-critical real-time system in a variety of hard real-time environments. He is the author of over 6000 book pages from a number of technical books including Agile Systems Engineering, Real-Time UML, Real-Time UML Workshop for Embedded Systems, Real-Time Design Patterns, Doing Hard Time, Real-Time Agility, and Design Patterns for Embedded Systems in C.  He is the Chief Evangelist at IBM Internet of Things (IoT), where he is a thought leader in the systems space. He can be followed on Twitter @IronmanBruce.

From Systems to Software: A Hands-on Rhapsody Workshop

Friday, Nov 17th – 9 to 12

We may be in the town known for Jazz, but successfully building complex systems requires an Orchestra. Making the end system sound sweet and easy requires lots of instruments, each playing its defined part, but following a defined score.

The embedded device is just one part of systems that includes web and mobile front ends, data analytics, and server based application. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to use IBM Rhapsody. Participants will then implement part of this Systems model on an embedded target using Rhapsody augmented with a framework especially designed for small, embedded devices.

Participants will walk away with the knowledge how to:

  • Define a complex, system of systems in a model
  • Allocate both requirements and functionality to subsystems
  • Build an embedded device application
  • Debug at the model level

Plus, you’ll get to take home a free dev board!

Walter van der Heiden: Walter is the CTO for Willert Software Tools, with a deep knowledge in UML modeling for embedded systems. He brings over 25 years of experience with embedded compilers, debuggers and RTOS, and is focused on optimizing development processes and model-based code generation techniques for safety critical embedded applications.

Jeffrey R. Cohen, P.E. has over 30 years’ experience in Systems Engineering and software development.  His expertise is modeling complex real time and embedded systems using UML and SysML, and developing products from those models.  Jeff has worked in a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, materials handling, machine controls, postal automation, and Smart Cities. Jeff helps organizations that develop complex and embedded systems improve their Systems/Software Development Lifecycle with tool integrations, model transformations, training, and consulting. He has BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a MS in Information Technology from Capella University.  Jeff is a Licensed Professional Engineer from the State of Texas.

SAFe System Engineering with CE IoT Solution

Friday, Nov 17th – 9 to 11

How can an Enterprise that produces hardware devices with embedded software realize the benefits of lean and agile practices? This workshop explores the methods and techniques defined by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) and how they address these unique challenges. We will be using the fictitious Metropolitan Utility Company, with the Automated Meter Reader (AMR) Program, as our example, walking through SAFe® Enterprise Portfolio, Program, and Team Levels.

We will show how IBM’s CE IoT solution supports SAFe® and MBSE within and across these three levels. At the Team level will look at a Scrum team developing the embedded software and a Kanban team developing the AMR hardware, within the context of an Agile Release Train (ART). Demonstration of collaborative management of requirements, design, work items, and quality artifacts is the key to enabling the lean and agile Enterprise and realizing the benefits of lean and agile practices.

Familiarity with SAFe® and MBSE is encouraged but not required.

Peter Luckey: Wizened Grey-Beard or wet-behind-the-ears newbie: you make the call.
Peter is a certified SAFe® Program Consultant and Senior Solutions Consultant with 321 Gang. With over 35 years working in software and systems engineering he is passionate about providing solutions that help drive organizational success, whether it be relative to adopting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) or utilizing IBM Rational tools to develop lean and agile systems. This includes 32 years with IBM and Rational. Peter has 8 grandchildren and would love to show you pictures of them.

Brianna Smith: Outdoor enthusiast and process transformation nerd. Brianna shares equal passion in her love of skiing, volleyball, hiking and animals as she does helping teams streamline their development practices.

She is a Senior Solutions Consultant with 321 Gang with over 20 years of experience in SDLC and has a unique ability to encapsulate business challenges and drive complex projects from idea to reality. These experiences also include 18 years with IBM and Rational aiding teams utilize tools to develop lean and agile systems. Brianna’s background of customer success includes leading large transformational efforts to agile practices in variant industries including entertainment, medical device, financial services, transportation, communication, aerospace, software development and others. Brianna takes every opportunity to hike with her pups and loves to share pictures.