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VoiCE registration has closed, please contact iotvoice@us.ibm.com for any questions or concerns.  

VoiCE 2018 is an exclusive, invitation only event where we focus on the voice of our clients. VoiCE gives clients the opportunity to interact with Offering/Product Managers, technical development leads and other clients from across the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) – Continuous Engineering (CE) community. We have designed an exclusive program for our clients, utilizing their vast end-user product/solution knowledge, and desire to influence our products, solutions, services, strategy, and business decisions. Our 2018 program will provide clients with the following benefits:

  • Insight into IBM software development plans
  • Input into steering product direction
  • Access to key decision makers within IBM
  • Collaboration with industry peers to learn and share best practices
  • Participation in hands-on solution designs

We are hosting the following VoiCE Sessions:

  • Model Based Engineering
  • Rational Team Concert
  • Quality Manager
  • Requirements Management
  • Deployment
  • Reporting
  • Global Configurations and Product Line Engineering
VoiCE Sessions date and time
VoiCE Session descriptions

For any questions/comments, please contact the IBM Watson IoT- VoiCE Team.